• Elliot Ball

'There's A Reason Why' we loved Blossoms at Rock City

Indie pop five-piece Blossoms were Honey Sweet this week as they played a sold-out show at Nottingham's Rock City.

Credit: Paul W Dixon

First, the inaugural support acts that if we're honest we all debate whether it's worth getting in early to catch a band you may not have heard of, or if a couple more pints in the pub might be a better use of your time. I chose the prior and both support acts were so good that for the first time I was stood wishing I hadn't had that last pint, just so I could be closer to the stage.

We were first treated to whenyoung, a three-piece Irish band who have previously supported The Vaccines and Peace. Whether you knew their songs or not, you couldn't help but be taken away by the music. The first in the set was Given Up, the name of their new EP. The catchy chorus and an infectious beat is something I'm still struggling to get out of my head, not that I want to.

Next up was Fuzzy Sun, who herald from Blossom's homeland, Stockport. There's surely something in the water, because Fuzzy Sun were brilliant Lead guitarist, Raffaele Pani, had enough energy for the entire band and a huge smile throughout their set to match. I couldn't help but become infatuated by Raffaele, who really owned the stage. The guitarist and lead singer Kyle Ross's chemistry was unstoppable. The pair were brilliant entertainment and it was amazing to see how much they both loved what they were doing. The band performed lyrics from their new EP, Want Love. Their sound is inspired by retro pop rock, and I'd compare them to The Who with a touch of The Beatles, not just because Kyle is only a pair of glasses from having a back up career as John Lennon's lookalike.

Fuzzy Sun - Credit Elliot Ball

Blossoms finally emerged onto the smoked out stage to Kanye West's Blkkk Skkkn Head which got the crowd buzzing. Blossoms opened with I Can't Stand It, and before we knew it we'd been pushed to the edges of the crowd by the wild mosh. I feel I'll have to make a better effort to hold my ground next time.

Credit: Paul W Dixon

The stage lighting and effects really added to the performance with flashing light and coloured smoke, not that Blossoms wouldn't have been fantastic without these elements, but the atmosphere within the arena was something I've not experienced before at a Rock City. It didn't seem to matter whether the performance was Honey Sweet or Love Talk, the audience seemed in total awe of the group, as well as simultaneously throwing every lyric back onto the stage it had just left.

Tom Ogden played the crowd perfectly, with his acoustic solo of My Favourite Room which was mashed up into You're Gorgeous by Babybird, Last Christmas by Wham and even a cover of Oasis' Half the World Away in one big cocktail. Blossoms even accommodated The Smiths' fans with a rendition of Big Mouth Strikes Again, there really was something for everyone.

Credit: Paul W Dixon

We couldn't end the night without a stunning performance of There's a Reason Why and Charlemagne. I honestly don't even know if at this point Tom Ogden was singing; the volume at which I and everyone else in attendance was belting out the lyrics I doubt a microphone could have competed. This band is definitely not one to miss, and I can't wait to see what they'll do next.

Credit: Paul W Dixon