• Paul Dixon


This album is the polar opposite of an “esoteric nightmare” that’s so beautifully crafted into one of the many highlights of this stunning album!

When the album landed I was excited/nervous to hear if there had been a step change in style or the band’s fingerprint of angst/self-analysis conveyed with Aaron’s unmistakable and powerful vocals, Kurt’s beautiful riffs, Jim’s masterful bass tones and David’s unerring timing and drive on the drums…. It’s with unbounding delight that I can feedback that the DNA of this band flows through the 11 new songs but with a subtle and strong degree of evolution and the inclusion of sub-woofer growling deep bass on several tunes.

A few of the tunes are already in the public domain and have been really well received by all critics but the ones that will hit the decks, earphones, tapedecks and speakers far and wide on Friday 20/03 are absolute belters.

It’s always hard to provide comparisons for bands/sounds and often the easier it is to do this, makes a band’s sound less unique and more likely to sound bland. The best I can do is to say there are many tones of some of the very best and most successful late 80’s early 90’s electronic bands mashed with some very special riffs and led by stunning, versatile, hypnotic vocals.

This is a musical trip you can invest in and arrive at the final destination, having travelled in opulent velvet luxury with absolute unquestioning trust in these lads guiding you. You’ll be begging to go round again.

The stand out new crowd pleaser for the live gigs is without doubt going to be “No Surprise”. It’s a monster of a song that accommodates crowd sing back, rhythmic clapping and proper stomping.

Readers are alive and very much on the March!

5/5 for a beautiful piece of musical magic.