• Eve Watson

The 1975 were ‘extraordinary’ in Nottingham

All words and pictures by Elizabeth Price Manchester band, the 1975 graced the Motorpoint Arena, Nottingham, on Saturday (15th February) night.

Matty Healy and his fellow band members took the audience by storm opening up the show with their new single ‘People’ which has a lot more of a rock vibe in comparison to their other chart-topping songs.

The set was extraordinary, with every song the atmosphere changed.

Of course, the infamous treadmill remained at the front of the stage throughout the entire performance and came into use forthe song ‘Sincerity is Scary’, Matty also wore his famous rabbit hat which he threw into the audience once the song was finished.

There were also some very moving parts of the concert which were unexpected and impactful.

They performed a live debut of their new single ‘Guys’ which is about the friendship they have grown throughout the band’s journey, this featured chronological video footage of their growth.

For me the most emotional moment of the night was when the band stopped playing, the stage went black and the screens lit up with images of scenes from around the world.

The unlikely collaboration between the 1975 and Greta Thunberg started playing, the debut of another new track ‘Time to Rebel.’

All that could be heard was a quiet orchestral track and her voice – once her speech was finished Matt Healy raised his arm and clenched his fist and shouted ‘this is a revolution’ to which the audience copied.

The band are using their platform to spread a message.

As an audience member that moment resonated with me, and I will remember it.

The atmosphere soon changed to a happier tone and their famous tracks such as ‘Chocolate’ got the crowd dancing and singing along.

It was clear to see that the band has a very strong fan base, it is very impressive how they manage to engage an audience ranging in age and gender.

By Elizabeth Price