• Malvika Padin

Sydney Trio Middle Kids Bring Out Your Inner Child at Nottingham's Bodega

Faultless and fun, Sydney three-piece Middle Kids took over the Bodega on 24th November with their stellar performance.

Having released their debut album 'Lost Friends' earlier this year, the group- with their mellow and amiable demeanour - surprise you as they redefine the idea of growing up within their upbeat music.

From piano-led 'Hole' to slow-build track 'Bought It', right down to ground-breaking 'Edge Of Town' which undeniably transforms the mood within the room, the trio delivers a performance that captures and holds you in its grasp. Other tracks like 'Maryland' getting you swaying along while others like 'Never Start' give the crowds an opportunity to bounce on their feet.

The alt indie rock trio -consisting of Hannah Joy,Tim Fitz and Harry Day- seem to have

perfected the art of meshing together a varied soundscape. But what stands out most in their music is their ability to bring out your inner child. Bashing their drums and strumming their guitar with abandon, they remind you through their vocals and verses that there's always some growing left to do, and there's always simple pleasures to enjoy.

With brilliant vocals, a great stage presence and songs that stay with you past the two hour show, the group prove that they are on a journey upwards and for good reason too.