• Eve Watson

REVIEW: an evening with James Morrison

On a wet and cold autumn night in Nottingham, James Morrison's incredible vocals were like a warm hug for the soul. 

But before I talk aboutL his mesmerising performance, I need to give a special mention to his support act Ferris and Sylvester. The folk/blues duo gave a stunning performance, even with some minor technical difficulties - one involving some pliers and a tambourine. This just made them more endearing as the audience laughed along with their slight setbacks, and they still managed to wow the entire concert hall.

Issy Ferris and Archie Sylvester's voices melted together perfectly, and I still have their song 'Flying Visit' stuck in my head. They will be returning to Nottingham next year and I can't wait to see what these two talented performers will do next. 

Then, James Morrison graced the stage greeted by wild screams from his fans. It truly is a credit to him that the concert hall was filled with an excited audience who had come out to see him on such a miserable and rainy night.

He lifted all of our spirits as he gave us a mix of new and old music, and his song, 'Glorious', from his new album 'You're stronger than you know,' was a hit with the audience. He guaranteed us we'd all be singing it by the end and we definitely were. It was an amazing moment shared - singing a song 5 minutes ago I didn't know the words to with the entire concert hall and James Morrison felt really special, and like something I'd remember forever. 

By far my favourite performance of the night was his classic 'Broken Strings.' The song itself is already beautiful, but there's something even more moving about seeing it live. His voice never falters, and by this song alone you can tell he's a seasoned performer with an extreme vocal talent. He had such a stage presence and he honestly felt like an old friend by the end of the night.


James will be continuing his tour, if you want to catch this magical show here are the other dates: https://jamesmorrisonmusic.com/tour-2/