• Malvika Padin

PizzaStorm's Christmas Pizza: Enjoy a Christmas dinner like never before

Christmas is an amazing time- twinkling lights, tall trees, presents and family. Is there anything that can make it better? The answer is pizza!!

Photo by Malvika Padin

Nottingham’s PizzaStorm has launched its limited-edition Christmas pizza, and as someone who lives off tasteless microwave pizza, I couldn’t be happier about sampling this flavourful creation.

Designed and tested by the in-house chef, the pizza is a unique concept. It takes everything you know and love about a Christmas dinner and combines it with what you and love about a pizza.

A classic sourdough base, coated in rich white sauce and mozzarella, the pizza boasts toppings such as turkey, bacon, roast potatoes, and even sprouts; all things synomous with a Christmas dinner.

When I was served the pizza, I was told “It’s really weird, but really nice at the same time.” And once I bit into it, I found myself agreeing.

Sprouts and potatoes don’t really belong a pizza. The texture is odd, and yet it somehow works well to keep you going back for more.

I am not a fan of potatoes- unless it’s in chip form- I vehemently stay clear of any food that contains it; especially if its roasted. So safe to say that as soon as I knew that it had potatoes scattered on it, I expected not to like this one-of-a-kind creation.

But I was very surprised to find that not only did I like it, I ended up bringing it home with me and finishing off the whole pizza in a well-enjoyed late dinner that night.

There was a lot to love about this festive offering- from its generous size, to its decadent flavours- but what I enjoyed the most was the bits of bacon. Every time I took a bite, I was hoping to get a mouthful of seared, salty bacon. If only there was more of it on there!

Unique, tasty, and definitely something worth trying, this Christmas special pizza gave me the chance to enjoy a Christmas dinner in a way I’d never enjoyed before.