• Paul Dixon

Photo Gallery: The Lighthouse Family @ Nottingham Royal Concert Hall

I'd been eagerly awaiting this date in my concert diary to come around as so many friends had remarked they would be in the audience as they were and are big fans. I have to admit that whilst the 80's and 90's were the strongest decades of my musical taste formation, I had never seen the band live. Now as a music photographer over the last couple of years I've had the pleasure of getting the chance to snap so many artists.

Arriving at the Concert Hall it was abuzz with an all-age audience. Press Pass collected and set up to shoot from down at the side of the stalls.

To great applause and whistling from a vast audience (far in excess in numbers than that of an 80's icon just a week before)….it felt like it was going to be a belter.

I managed to enjoy the first 6 songs of the set and found myself dancing, singing and snapping. After the first 3 the camera has to go away. I was told I needed to put it in the cloakroom, which there was no way I was doing haha. That gear is far too expensive! So hence I only got to song 6 before having to leave. I would say though....the version of "lifted" and the communal feeling of outpouring of joy and pleasure this rendition evoked from a willing crowd, would have been worth the ticket price alone. It's rare to come across bands/artists that can absolutely replicate and enhance the studio recording of their material and indeed it's testament to the quality and skills of all band members that The Lighthouse Family pull this off with glorious aplomb.

Great evening, great music and smiles all around. In summary, buy a ticket and go and enjoy an evening of sublime entertainment.