• Elliot Ball

Paul Harrison, Serial Killer Expert: "Best Shows Yet" Heads to Nottingham's Glee Club

He's been called Britain's Mindhunter, The Guv'nor of True Crime, The World's Number One expert on serial killers and sexual deviants. Now, Paul Harrison is embarking on a unique tour specifically for the Glee Clubs - including The Glee Nottingham (3 July 2019).

Paul Harrison has spent over four decades analysing, studying and getting deep inside the heads of many of the world's most deviant and violent offenders.

A retired police officer and renowned criminal profiler, turned crime writer, he has spent much of his life working within the Criminal Justice system, travelled extensively on his investigations into serial offenders, and is regarded as a 'come to expert' for professional bodies, authors, television and film companies across the world.

Join Paul, at The Glee Club, as he takes you on an emotional roller coaster of a ride inside different criminals’ minds, to gain an understanding of why they turned into killing machines, what drove them to kill and their innermost thoughts on murder, other killers and all importantly, themselves.

Paul says: "For this brand new show, I'll be profiling and uniquely getting into the psyche of killers like Rose West, Stephen Port, and Ted Bundy. In addition, I'll also be going deep into the mind-sets and psyche of lesser known, but equally as violent serial killers. All the time focusing on the victims and giving them a voice in this catalogue of destruction.

“In my opinion these will be my best shows yet."

If you’re fascinated by true crime, this is one event you won't want to miss.

Paul Harrison: Inside The Mind Of The Serial Killer is at The Glee Club, Castle Wharf, Nottingham on Wednesday 3 July 2019. Tickets and more information, see: glee.co.uk