• Malvika Padin

Katie Melua melts away your troubles with her stunning vocals at Royal Concert Hall

Listening to multi award winning artist Katie Melua- at the Royal Concert Hall in Nottingham- you feel the stress of a long day melt away as she transports you with her spell-binding performance.

Photography by Paul W Dixon

The night begins with London-based artist Keeva taking the stage. With her husky, distinct vocals, performing tracks from her latest EP – including “The Kindest Thing” and “If I Hadn’t Met You All” -she undeniably sets the mood for what's to follow, while peaking your curiosity of her own artistry.

Katie's performance starts off with an impact, as she sings “If You Are so Beautiful”, a goose-bump inducing track before veering off into the quiet "The One I Love is Gone", to the happy-go-lucky “ Just Like Heaven” and then to the upbeat, folksy "Nine Million Bicycles".

Photography by Paul W Dixon

Each song so completely different from the other, seems to flow seamless from one to another, and keep you enraptured. But the hypnotic "Plane Song" remains a highlight as the anxieties of the real world cease to exist for those few short moments. "It's just pretending," she croons, and for a while, the song lets you do just that as it lulls you into a warm, welcoming haze.

Supported by the stellar Gori Women’s Choir-, she delivers other harmonic performances including the soaring, suspenseful “Little Swallow” to poignant“ River”, before performing “O Holy Night” ; which she refers to a perfect Christmas carol.

Photography by Paul W Dixon

From beginning to end, Katie’s performance with strong, crystal clear vocals, crisp instrumentation and poetic lyricism, seem to strike a chord with each and every person in the room, no matter the age.

The night which appears to fly by in flurry of brilliance ends as she introduces the orchestra who perfectly supported her- and sends out a personal birthday message to a member of the audience -before launching into a rendition of “What A Wonderful World”, and as she belts out the final note of her set, you are left with an inexplicable feeling of hope- for the wonderful world.