• Eve Watson

Israel Nash Wows The Bodega

Nash electrifies Nottingham’s Bodega in classic rock’n’roll style.

Israel Nash brings his fifth studio album ‘Lifted’ to The Bodega here in Nottingham, and boy did it go down a treat. The Bodega’s knack for attracting big talent has earned itself a prestige beyond its size – Israel Nash adds to that prestige.

It would be rude and irresponsible of me to not start with the warm up act of this gig – the amazing Joana Serrat, who treated the concert’s early birds to a stunning array of beautiful tracks from her latest album. The album ‘Dripping Springs’ (2017) is an ode to where the album was produced - Nash’s Texas studio in his home town of Dripping Springs. Though Serrat’s distinctly moody, but equally mesmerising sound of echoes and melodies is perhaps a different palate texture to that of which the typical Nash fans would be used to, Serrat is still escorted off the stage with a mighty applause at the end of her set. She made a fan out of me, and many others no doubt. “If Brexit allows me, I would love to play for you guys again”, says Serrat, somewhat sarcastically - I for one will welcome her back with open arms.

So, on walks Nash in typical rockstar fashion, harmonica at the ready, paying homage to his home, and bringing Texas to the streets of Nottingham. ‘Spirit Falls’ is first up – and it certainly raises the spirits of the crowd. One thing to note about this gig is the acoustics. They are regularly spot on at Bodega, but there is something about the rock’n’roll sound in such a small room – it fills every corner with an electric atmosphere which seems to grow louder and louder with each song.

Absent his band for a couple of songs, this produces a melancholy, beautifully all-American sound highlighting Nash’s new-found versatility. Though Nash is a true rock’n’roll artist, he is not by any means tied to his genre. Lifted can only be described as a genre bending, truly Texan masterpiece. Bravo, Mr Nash.