• Eve Watson

Estrons at Nottingham’s Bodega: Empowering, Enigmatic and Enchanting

When a band names themselves after the welsh word for ’misfits’ you know you’re going to get something unique that you’ve never heard before, and the Estrons definitely delivered that at Nottingham’s Bodega on Friday (9 Nov).

Photo by Ally Clifton

First, though, we have to talk about the Glaswegian four-piece indie-rock explosion that was the support act. LUCIA really commanded the stage with ease, and had a versatility in sound I hadn't heard for a long time. The band transcended from catchy, bright tunes to more 'grunge' sounds seamlessly, all accompanied by front-woman Lucia Fontaine's enchanting vocals. Their sound is raw and uniquely LUCIA, and I have a feeling we will definitely be hearing more from these young and ambitious musicians.

Now we come on to the main event, and Estrons did not disappoint. Lead singer Tali Källström has a certain charisma, and you just can't take your eyes off her, and I'm pretty sure she's stolen my soul. There was a real chemistry between the band that couldn't be faked, and it felt like they were all giving the gig of their lives and it really shone through in their performance.

Photo by Ally Clifton

The most stand-out song to me was Make A Man. It was high energy and with its catchy lyrics allowed the audience to really scream and shout the words back at the band.

This is just the beginning for Estrons. Their unique and raw songs are more than simply indie-rock; their lyrics are empowering and their sound is something very refreshing amongst very similar sounding music. I can't wait to see what they do next.