• Malvika Padin

Dodie at Rock City is 'powerful' and 'heartfelt'

Positive energies and bright smiles course through the main hall at Rock City, as Dodie Clark (stylised as dodie) took the stage on March 20th.

All photos by Paul W Dixon

It was a night that showcased potential right from the get-go as support acts Kawala and Orla Gartland stunned audiences with their performances, before Dodie made her impressive appearance.

With song that leave you feeling like you’re floating, the 23-year-old singer has a way with words; both spoken and written.

Each of her songs come with an uplifting message that ties you with her, and with those around you. As you listen, you no longer feel alone, even as you stand in a room full of stangers. Hers’ is the kind of music that unites you in your love for it.

Performing several hits such as ‘Would You Be So Kind’ ,‘In The Middle’ and ‘If I’m Being Honest’ to a crowd that went wild in their love for her, it was her light, and loving ode ‘She’ taken from her recently released EP Human that elicited the maximum cheers from her fans.

Track after track, I found the love for Dodie and her music swelling in the room, but the highlight came in the form of ‘Secret For The Mad’. A poignant track spurred from her own personal experience with a nervous breakdown, the song urges you to keep going and promises you that things will make sense again.

With a message so powerful and a delivery so heartfelt, it was no wonder when I looked around the room to see several teary-eyed people, all together in their pursuit of happiness.

Dodie and her music bring forth a sense of togetherness, and light-heartedness; feelings that everyone that night is sure to have gone home with.