• Elliot Ball

Bodega blown away by Larkins

As Noel Gallagher so graciously boasted, “The thing about Manchester is... it all comes from here” and he’s not wrong.

Manchester is lucky enough to hold claim to: The Smiths, The Stone Roses, The Courtneeners, Blossoms, Buzzcocks, The Chemical Brothers, Simply Red and of course Take That…I mean Oasis.

Now the self-proclaimed second city can hold claim over Larkins who are being touted as “Manchester's next arena act”, according to the Manchester Evening News.

This week, Larkins performed to a sell-out crowd in Nottingham’s Bodega, their first performance in Nottingham since 2017.

The upstairs of the Bodega was rocking, excited to see Josh Noble and the rest of the band take the stage.

However, Manchester’s got some competition in the shape of Nottingham as Larkins were supported by a local indie-pop band, My Pet Faxes.

The band are made up of Aaron Thorne, Kieran Alexander, Akeem Broderick, Alfie Parnell, Ben Hardy and Ollie Green.

The six-piece blew the crowd away, no one expected them to spark the room in the way they did.

I went into the gig not knowing anything about them, but they’ve left me wanting to know everything about them and I seriously can’t stop listening to their music.

Every song was brilliant, particularly Twist, which I have playing as I write…no joke.

I genuinely forgot we were all there for Larkins, and that’s no disrespect to Larkins because they’re immense but that just emphasises how good these guys are.

I’d go as far as saying they’re the best warm-up act I’ve ever seen, well spotted Larkins.

If I thought My Pet Fauxes got a loud cheer from the crowd the roar for Larkins was immeasurable.

It was crazy that due to the Bodega's intimate style the crowd were genuinely only a fingertip’s reach from their favourite artists.

Larkins’ setlist included possibly there most well-known hit, TV Dream, as well as: Something Beautiful, Wall Flower and Sugar Sweet.

The performance was an excellent blend of anthem and indie-pop classic.

I have no doubts that Manchester Evening News is correct, arenas will soon be rocking to the sound of a new kind of indie banger, I could tell every song resonated with the crowd and I’m sure for that hour we all forgot where we were.

Larkins were a truly brilliant and powerful act that will go onto achieve greatness, I look forward to seeing where they go from here.